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MS2015 – Fair America War Brig (1789)

MS2015 – Fair America War Brig (1789)
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MS2015 – Fair America War Brig (1789)
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  • Model: TAS083504

Classic solid hull ship kits. Designed for the first time modeller, these kits come with a solid hull that just needs a little shaping and sanding.

 Model Shipways' Fair American is a reproduction of a model built over 200 years ago, now on exhibit at the U.S. Naval Academy Museum at Annapolis, MD. She is said to represent the 14-gun privateer Fair American sailing out of Charleston in 1778.

Plank on bulhead construction uses high quality basswood, the preferred wood of professional modellers.  All structural hull parts and major fittings are laser cut so they fit together with remarkable ease.

The kit contains over 60 cut or shaped wooden parts, plus 120 extra wood strips for a second layer of planking, should you wish to build your model with a double planked hull.  More than 500 fittings of wood, brass and Britannia metal fittings including 14 brass guns on wooden carriages, cannon, chainplates, bell, anchors and wheel.

Six plan sheets, a 48 page instruction book by Erik AR Ronnberg, Jr and Ben Lankford, plus a 38-page guide to planking the hull make building easy.

Plank on Frame Construction
Length: 674mm
Height: 559mm
Scale 1:48

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