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MS1460 - 18th Century Armed Longboat

MS1460 - 18th Century Armed Longboat
MS1460 - 18th Century Armed Longboat
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  • Model: TAS083576

For beginners and experts alike. A true plank-frame armed captain's longboat in 1:24 scale measuring approximately 24" from bowsprit to tip of boom.

Every wood detail in the original longboat has been captured in 9 sheets of laser-cut  basswood (no plywood) and over 60 basswood strips and dowels.

Thirty-six cast Brittania metal (lead-free pewter) detail parts capture every iron fitting as well as the cannon and swivel guns.

Brass split rings, rods, eyebolts, nails, parrels and  belaying pins are machined and polished. Thirty-four yards and five diameters of jewelry, no-stretch and easy to knot nylon rigging replicates the original.

Twenty-two walnut blocks and deadeyes compliment the rigging lines. All the decorations you see along the bulwarks and transom of the longboat are neither decals nor painted; they are photo-etched brass and are included.

The 3 sheets of 34 x 44" plans are true to model size.

The 48 page instruction booklet with over 130 color photos leave nothing to the imagination. It is the most comprehensive, step-by-step instruction manual ever created for a wood ship model.

If you have never built a wood ship model before we urge you to start with the 18th Century Armed Longboat. This kit will give you all the skills you will need to move on to larger more complex ship models.

1:24 Scale / Length 24'' / Height 18''

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