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MS105 Fair -A- Frame Building Slip

MS105 Fair -A- Frame Building Slip
MS105 Fair -A- Frame Building Slip
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  • Model: TAS083528

Speciality clamps and vice designed exclusively for building model ships.

 Fair-A-Frame guarantees a straight keel with perfectly aligned bulkheads every time!

Designed to accommodate virtually any size keel, Model Expo Fair-A-Frame makes plank-on-bulkhead hull assembly fast and accurate.

Fair-A-Frame's two parallel guides hold the keel while you work. An adjustable alignment unit straddles the base, ensuring that all bulkheads are square to the false keel. A set of ten metal screws makes the unit fully adjustable in height as well as width. Easy-to-assemble kit includes base, laser cut wooden parts, all necessary hardware, plus illustrated instructions for assembly and use.

Base: 24" x 4-1/2".

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