MS4008 – Parrot Rifle 10-Pounder


These models are as detailed as the real cannon and equipment on America's Civil War battlefield.



Cast iron artillery was very accurate, but it was brittle and prone to fracture. Captain Robert P. Parrott, superintendent of the West Point Foundry, created a stronger piece by reinforcing the cast iron with a band of wrought iron around the breech. The iron band was welded into one piece and forced onto the breach while it was red hot. Cold water was then poured down the muzzle, allowing the band to shrink and attach uniformly.

Captain Parrott made the first of these rifles that carry his name in 1860 and patented it in 1861. The piece was extremely versatile, firing both fused and point impacting explosive rounds, along with shot (solid ball) and grape (large charge of small balls). With an effective range of over 2,000 yards, the Parrott Rifle became one of the favorite pieces of both the Union and Confederate armies during the Civil War.


Historically accurate and perfectly scaled

Cleanly cast Britannia metal components

Authentically detailed cannon barrel

Realistic spoked wooden wheels

Clearly written illustrated instructions

Easy to build assembly & painting time 5-10 hours

Guns Of History Kit No. MS4008

Model length 8" / width 4-1/2" / height 3-1/3" / Scale 1:16 

Difficulty Level:  Entry Level 

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