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Model Trailways

1/12th scale accurate representation of an original Concord stagecoach. Has steerable wooden wheels, working suspension and opening doors.The Abbott Downing Company built its first stagecoach in 1827.  These coaches were used for passenger and mail service between St Louis and San Francisco.&nb..
MS6002 – Conestoga Wagon - due July MS6002 – Conestoga Wagon - due July
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This is the most historically accurate 1/12th scale model kit of a Conestoga wagon ever produced.The Constetoga Wagon was a large, lumbering vehicle that could carry up to 8 tonnes of cargo.  Our kit is the most historically accurate Conestoga wagon ever produced. Highly detailed realistic mate..
MS6003 - 19th Century Doctors Buggy - due July MS6003 - 19th Century Doctors Buggy - due July
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Replicates a phaeton type buggy in 1/12th scale. Designed to be historically accurate and easy to assemble. Our model replicates a phaeton type buggy. The design is based on a drawing in an 1884 trade journal plus many contemporary photographs. We have not included a top, as it would be very di..
A distinctly American vehicle of the mountainous regions of the North-Eastern US. This 1/12th scale kit is historically accurate and relatively easy to build.The Western Mountain Buckboard is a distinctly American vehicle born on the homesteads of the mountainous regions of the North Eastern US.&nbs..
MS6005 – Cowboy Chuck Wagon (1860) - due July
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This 1/12th scale authentically detailed model kit also contains a number of true to life accessories. A canvas cover, miniature rope and phot etched detailing add the final touches to a beautiful model. Model Trailways kit contains everything you need to build an authentically detailed scale ..
The most complex and detailed kit Model Trailways have ever produced. Hundreds of cleanly cast Britannia metal pieces weigh in at nearly 6lbs to duplicate every component of the original steam pump.  The Allerton is the most complex and accurately detailed kit Model Trailways has ever prod..
1:12 scale historically accurate, highly detailed wood and metal model.As American buildings grew taller, many people perished in fires because of inadequate ladders. It became obvious that taller ladders were required that were also portable. Soon, the hook and ladder with a tall mechanically power..
Back in 1927, most roads, particularly in the south and southwest of the USA, were still in the horse and buggy age.  Distributors delivered their products to local gas stations by horse drawn oil tank wagons.This new kit represents a typical oil wagon of the period. The tank was fitted on a mo..
MS6009 Horse Drawn Hearse MS6009 Horse Drawn Hearse
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1:12 Scale Wood & Metal Kit BRIEF HISTORYOriginally, the wooden or metal framework over the coffin was called a hearse. It was decorated with numerous spikes to hold burning candles. Sometime in the 17th century, people started using the word to refer to not only the construction above t..
BRIEF HISTORYThe U.S. Marshal’s Jail Wagon is an accurate replica ( 12 times smaller) than the real one still proudly displayed in Wyoming. Often referred to as a “Tumbleweed Wagon” it was used by the Marshals to round up Federal prisoners from local jails.KIT FEATURES• Laser Cut Sheets … 7 ..
MS6011 – Pabst Beer Wagon Over 100 years ago horse-drawn beer wagons were the primary mode of distribution to saloons and bars. American breweries often built their wagons like their European counterparts, which were designed to carry large barrels. The Pabst Brewing Company example show..
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