New Napoleon Cannon and Limber

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MS4003CB – Napoleon Cannon & Limber

Napoleon Cannon, U.S. Civil War Model 1857

Developed for Emperor Napoleon III in the 1850s, this smoothbore 12-pounder was easily maneuverable, yet capable of destroying field fortifications almost a mile away. It became the most popular gun of the American Civil War. The Confederacy had over 600 of them, and the Union Army counted more than 1,000 in its arsenal.


  • Historically accurate, highly detailed wood & metal model

  • Laser cut basswood ammunition box and precision cast Britannia metal parts.

  • One piece easy to mount wheels

  • Clearly written illustrated instructions.

  • Photo etched parts.

Napoleon Cannon:

Length 8-1/4”/ Width 4”/ Height 3-12” Scale: 3/4” = 1 ft. (1:16)


Length 10”/ Width 4”/ Height 3-1/3” Scale: 3/4” = 1 ft. (1:16)

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